Serving up a delicious dining experience

When people go out to eat, they’re paying for more than just their food, they’re paying for the experience

Patxi’s, a San Francisco pizza chain, knew they made superb pizza, so they wanted to move on to improving the overall dining experience, and all interactions with their brand in preparation for their expansion into the Denver area. We were brought on to help define their brand, design a better in-store experience, and redesign their website.

Putting together the right ingredients

First we got to start with the fun part—performing an experience audit by dining at Patxi’s. We visited multiple locations, eating and analyzing the service, food, staff and atmosphere at each restaurant. Next, we dove into customer, competitor, and company research so we’d be armed with everything we needed to turn Patxi’s into the brand they aspired to be.

After working with Patxis to refine their voice and messaging, visual strategy, and key experience elements, we moved on to creating a responsive website that was easy to use and reflective of the in-store experience. Now, Patxi’s is known for their traditions we helped them create, like serving the first slice, and providing “honey for the bones”, which means keeping high-quality honey at every table for dipping the crust.