Imagine an airport parking experience that flies like a dream

Making airport parking fun, easy, and affordable

Driving to the airport and parking is often a last-minute affair, but all too often, people are met with confusion and hassle. Travelers need simplicity and ease. Blue Sky wanted to provide that service.

Filling up the lot by designing a better experience

To develop the Blue Sky brand, we created a style guide for all their future design and marketing efforts. Next, we used the new brand standards to design a website, advertising campaigns, marketing materials, and promotional materials. Every detail, all the way down to the shuttle music, signage, and parking ticket design was thought out.

At the same time, we worked with Blue Sky to design the experience of parking with them. To be different, Blue Sky allowed customers to make guaranteed parking reservations on their website, and decided they would not charge for cancelled reservations. It all came together to create what is now an incredibly popular, delightful airport parking experience.