“People should always come first.”

Rebekah strives to help others in every way she can.

Rebekah’s interest in communication began with her first language—American Sign Language. Her deaf father taught her to sign as a child, and Rebekah spent part of her time in college as an interpreter for deaf students. Being able to speak and sign helped her gain a unique perspective and understanding of how different people can communicate the same things in different ways.

Always looking out for the needs of others helped Rebekah understand the importance of empathy in communication. The first thing that Rebekah does any time she takes on a new project is try to put herself in the shoes of everyone involved. She asks questions. Lots of them. And then she goes to work armed with her unique combination of wordsmithing and strategic thinking talents.

Before Rebekah became part of the Forty team, she was working on her own as an independent content strategy consultant for both major brands and newly-funded startups. She was eventually drawn to join up with Forty because she wanted to work alongside others who shared her convictions about design, and helping people.


  • Public speaking is one of Rebekah’s many fortes. She has shared her expertise in UX and content strategy at events internationally, feel free to get in touch if you’d like her to speak at your conference or educational events.
  • Rebekah is also a co-organizer of the Phoenix Content Strategy Meetup, a monthly event where communications professionals meet to learn from one another.
Photo ofRebekah Cancino
Rebekah Cancino
Communication Director