“Things are only impossible until you do them.”

It’s no secret, James Archer has a thing for the future.

Although he’s a seasoned user experience designer, James spends his time these days designing things out of people instead of pixels. Outside of Forty, he regularly speaks at industry conferences and workshops, and writes frequently about design, branding, and business. His ultimate goal is to grow Forty into the most remarkable design firm in the world.

James’s interest in design started early in life, as he watched his father, who owned a roofing business, design his own direct mail pieces. The right combination of imagery and language would affect how people perceived them, his father explained. For James, seeing the direct effect  of design on their family’s well-being solidified its importance in his life forever.

After working in various design disciplines for both in-house teams and agencies, James decided to test the theories he’d been developing about how an effective design firm could work. In 2003, he quit his job and set out to design a dream design team. Over a decade later, Forty is still on the path to achieving excellence, and he’s never looked back.


  • James never stops thinking about the intersection of design and business. He’s an online columnist for Inc. magazine, and is currently writing a book about customer experience design.
  • He loves sharing Forty’s secret sauce and talking shop with other passionate professionals and students. Feel free to get in touch with James if you’d like him to speak at your next conference or educational event.
James Archer